Online registrations for WADA’s 2019 Annual Symposium are now closed.

How to Register

Speakers: You will receive an exclusive link to register. If you have any questions, please contact Anaïs Rodriguez by email.

Applications for registration must be completed online, through the Symposium’s dedicated Registration System.

Please note that an electronic photo in .jpeg format is required for registration. The photos are requested for security reasons and are also intended to facilitate the identification of participants by other attendees through the Delegate App, thus, facilitating networking opportunities before and during the Symposium. Photos will be printed on the accreditation badge of each participants.

The registration deadline is 26 February 2019.


For registrations received after the deadline, participation cannot be guaranteed. A fee of CHF 300 will be requested for any post-deadline registration.


For security and logistical reasons, individuals who have not registered online and who have not received an electronic confirmation of their registration will not be given access to the Symposium.


A maximum of two participants per organization can register at no cost.

If an organization wishes to register more than two participants, a fee of CHF 200 per additional participant will be requested via the online registration process.

As indicated above, registrations placed after the registration deadline will be charged with a fee of CHF 300.

Participants cover their own air travel, ground transfers, hotel accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.

Cancellation Policy

Registration cancellation should be made by sending a written notice to Ms. Angelique Crettenand from Lausanne Tourism.

The following cancellation policy will apply:

  • On or before 20 February 2019: Registration fee will be refunded (except for CHF 20 bank charges)
  • As of 21 February 2019: No fee will be refunded
  • All reimbursements will be processed with minimal delay after the Symposium has concluded


It should be noted that WADA reserves the right to refuse admission to future Symposia to persons who register for the 2019 Symposium but do not show up. We therefore kindly ask that, should plans change prior to the Symposium, Ms Angelique Crettenand from Lausanne Tourism be notified.

In case of any difficulties with registration, please contact:
Ms. Angelique Crettenand
Lausanne Tourisme


Nationals from some countries may require a visa to enter Switzerland. It is the participant’s responsibility to obtain this visa. For the list of nationalities requiring a visa, please consult the Swiss Federal Office for Migration website.

Should individuals require more information than the ‘Invitation to the Symposium’ in order to fulfil visa requirements, please contact Ms. Angelique Crettenand at Lausanne Tourisme.

Connection to the Registration Site

First attendance to the WADA Annual Symposium
If you are planning to attend the Symposium for the first time, when you click on “Register” you will be directed to the registration system. Please click on the right column of the welcome page to create an account. Once your account/profile is created, you may proceed with the registration process.

If you have attended the 2017 and/or 2018 WADA Annual Symposium
When you click on “Register”, you will be directed to the registration system. Please use the left column of the welcome page, insert your email address and  password. Should you have forgotten your password from previous years, you will be able to request such a change from this page. Once your profile has been updated, you may proceed with the registration process.