The Delegate App & List of Participants

WADA is pleased to provide Symposium participants a networking tool,  called the Delegate App, available under an Application format (for both iOS and Android devices).

This App allows participants to access, via their smartphone or tablet, at any time before and during the symposium the following:

  • the full and personalized agenda with the sessions timings, locations and descriptions;
  • the speakers biographies;
  • the list of participants (except media representatives);
  • a way to search and identify individuals and/or organizations attending the Symposium, including the participants’ picture;
  • the possibility to add delegates in your “Favourites” and/or get in touch directly with them to organize meetings in advance of the Symposium; and
  • a floor plan and event information.

In order to provide participants with as accurate and complete information as possible, participants are required to complete a personal profile page during the registration process.

WADA encourages participants to make the most of this Delegate App in order to maximize communications and networking opportunities in and around the event.

Please note that in accordance with data protection laws, you will be prompted to allow the sharing of your contact information in order for delegates to see your profile. You will have the option to withdraw from this agreement, which will still allow you to access the App however you would not have access to the participant list.

The Delegate App will be available for download from the registration website via the Apple Store for iOS devices or via Google Play for Android devices. To log-in into the Delegate App, you will need to use your email and registration password.

Further information will be sent to registered participants once the Delegate App will be available.



To login, please use the code you have received by email. If you have misplaced this email, kindly reach out to Ms. Angélique Crettenand.

I cannot find my access code

To login, please use the code you have received by email. If you have misplaced this email, kindly reach out to Ms. Angélique Crettenand.

App Name – EW ToGo

Make sure to use the Event-Works Mobile App, named “EW ToGo”, which can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store for iOS or via Google Play for Android phones.

I cannot access the attendees (participants) profiles

If you do not have access to the participants’ profiles, it might be that you did not agree to share your contact information while registering to the event. To change this setting, you will need to log back into the registration system and accept the sharing of your contact details. Once this is done, you are required to relaunch the app and synchronize it to activate your new settings.

I cannot add another participant to my address book

This is linked to the settings of your phone. You will need to allow the app to access the contacts saved on your phone.

I cannot email another participant

This is linked to the settings of your phone. You will need to allow the app to access the email account set up on your phone.  

What are my search options?

You can search for a participant, for an organization, for a category or by title, name, organization name or other means, by using the magnifying glass / search bar at the top of the “Attendees” and “Speakers” sections.

How can I contact other participants?

To contact another participant, you first need to save the contact in your address book (see below for specific instructions). Once this is done, you will be able to contact them via your email account.

What do the icons in the attendee’s profile mean?

Two icons are visible to the right of the picture in an attendee’s profile. These icons enable you to 1) add the contact to your favorites (star) and 2) add the contact to the address book in your phone (person).

To find your favorites, please go to the main menu of the “Attendees” section by clicking on the white star at the top right-hand side.