Advisory regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Regarding the coronavirus outbreak in China and elsewhere around the world, please note that WADA is closely monitoring the situation, in particular in light of the upcoming Symposium.

WADA takes the health and safety of its Symposium participants very seriously and therefore, is carefully assessing the travel risk based on expert information from the World Health Organization and the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

As per the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, none of the samples collected in Switzerland revealed positive for the COVID-19 and therefore, there is no entry restriction to Switzerland. Accordingly, the World Health Organization has also not issued any travel restrictions to Switzerland.

Given this information, at this stage, WADA intends to carry on with the Symposium. The Agency will however continue to monitor the situation and commits to updating stakeholders should its assessment of the situation change.

In the meantime, for travel advice in connection with the coronavirus, please visit the World Health Organization website.